In a working environment where technology has become indispensable, SMAIC is aware to guarantee to its customers lines with a high technological level, but also simple to use. It is for this reason that projects are undertaken ensuring the utmost professionalism in setting up their equipment, entrusted to a highly skilled technical staf f and with the use of advanced computer systems. For this has now reached high levels of reliability and expertise that enabled it to gain the respect and trust of its customers around the world.

Through its team of technicians and professionals, designs and creates safe and reliable production combining the advantages of industrial standardizing and handicraft work.

The flexibility and accuracy in the preparation of the project, always, are the main features of the Company, allowing to find an individual solution and customized for each clientine and lines are in fact made to respond to any production requirement: from traditional processes, until the creation of complete plants and highly automated for all stages of production.

The constant search for reliable materials for their production and sanitizing of their equipment are SMAIC objectives to which makes reference to ensure its customers to obtain the best results both qualitatively and hygienically.

The direct assistance throughout the Italian country and the worldwide has certainly another important aspect of the operational framework of the company that bears SMAIC to stand out both for expertise and for timely intervention.

On Focus


For the production of stretching pasta, alimentary preparation and all products that must undergo a stretching for dairy industry



Completely enclosed execution. Drive of the movements grouped in oilbath gearcases lubricated each one. Camshafts on ball bearings. Closed cams for important drive movements.



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